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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

.... er.... smell like Christmas.

This morning I walked out into our garden, and noticed something awful.

Do you see what I see? Check out all of those gray spots all over the bean leaves.

I picked out for analysis, and searched the Google machine to see if I could figure out what was wrong. I came to the conclusion that it was some sort of fungus, and it was quickly spreading. It definitely wasn't there (or at least not nearly this noticeable) yesterday, because I was looking for flowers on the beans.

After a few moments of panic, I decided on a plan of action. I had heard from a couple of places that cinnamon is a very effective fungicide, and a completely organic alternative to chemicals. I grabbed a bottle, and dashed to the garden.

I sprinkled all of the infected beans, and to be safe, doused all the other beans in a generous shaking as well. It smells like gingerbread out there.

Hopefully this takes care of the problem, but I'm still a bit nervous.


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