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A fall dinner

It's finally starting to feel like fall. Squashes are dominating the produce section, and jack-o-lanterns are found on nearly every doorstep. Last night's dinner was very seasonal, another one of our eating goals. On the menu:

Pork and gravy
Mashed butternut squash
Baked zucchini, carrots, and onions
Home-baked whole-wheat bread

The table setting was also gorgeous, decorated with edible and decorative squashes, colored maize, wheat, and pumpkins.

Dinner was followed up with some delicious pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream.

I was very happy to have a nice autumn dinner. The weather doesn't change much here in Florida, but it's nice to see the food represent the seasons.


Susie McCormick said...

YUMMMMMYYYYY, no wonder you don't come home!

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