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After finishing our new beds out front, we've decided to compost the back. Even with the new beds out front, we're not abandoning them. They work really well for collards, radishes, peas, and cabbage. It's high sun vegetables that don't fare well out back--- there's way too much shade from the overhanging oaks. We're going to try our hand with tomatoes, peppers and the like out front, where they can soak up some rays.

Our trailer-load only filled three of the beds, but they're about six inches deep. After we loosen the soil up a bit more with a pitch fork, they'll be ready for some more veggies. Right now, we've only got a handful of peas, a couple lettuce greens, and some bolting collards. Our garden needs a lot of work come this spring!


KJ said...

Flower beds look great and can't believe T and C whipped this together!

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