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Some more seeds for the garden

We've finally figured out what else we want to plant here in our garden. We went to our local big-box store and picked up some varieties of vegetables.

On the list?
Summer squash
Pink-eye Purple-Hull Cowpeas

We love kale and collards, and they grow really well out back, so we hope to start a bunch of them. The summer squash and zucchini will do well out front (we had trouble last season with powdery mildew, so we're putting them in a dryer, sunnier area). Sunflowers are my absolute favorite, and the seeds are quite tasty in salads. The chickens will love them too. Taylor is a huge fan of eggplant, so of course we have to grow some. Ours last season lasted fairly long into the cold, up until December! As for the cowpeas, Cole and Steph really recommend them. They look just like black-eyed peas, and are super tasty. We're going to use some of the left over wire to grow them through, and the left over plant matter makes for wonderful compost. We're going to try a bed of them out back, and a bed of them out front and see how it goes.


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