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A culinary experiment

*Be warned! The content of this next post might be a little bit gross to some readers!*

This semester, I'm taking an Entomology class, which I'm finding very intersting. Quite frequently, the topic of entomophagy, or eating bugs, comes up in class. As an abundant, high protein, low fat food, they're very interesting culinary ingredients. The other night we visited a pet store, bought two dozen crickets, and decided to experiment.

We put them in the freezer overnight to make sure they were good and dead before we threw them in a skillet of oil and leeks (from our local Jessica's Organic Farm).

I have to admit, it was kind of weird cooking food that seemed to be looking at me.

We tossed in some bacon, tomatoes, home-raised eggs, and soy sauce.

In the end, it looked like regular stir fry, until we found a cricket peering out from under the noodles on the end of our fork.

We ate every darn one of them. They really didn't taste bad, but there was such a mental hurdle when it came to eating a bowl of cricket noodles (one of us may have even gagged once or twice). It was an interesting experience, but probably not something we'll try again--- at least not as stir fry. I still want to try chocolate covered crickets.


Anonymous said...

Remind me NOT to come to dinner. Missy

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