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We're definitely taking advantage of the free compost I mentioned a couple weeks back. We've spent the past few weekends heading over to Longwood Park where they keep a huge concrete bunker full of the stuff.

Mr. Dennis lends us his trailer to haul home our pile. The first couple times we went we lined the back of my PT Cruiser with a tarp, which wasn't the most efficient method. Now we can fit in about a dozen wheel-barrow loads of the stuff.

The pile is absolutely huge. We still haven't made a dent in it. It's great shoveling it in chilly weather, because the middle of the pile is hot to the touch (from the microbes causing the decomposition).

It's an absolute bargain. We've saved anywhere between forty and two hundred dollars, depending on where and how you buy compost. And, at only two miles from the house, it's super convenient.


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