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Pit-fired Bowls

We've used a lot of the cut-down palmettos for fires lately. Not only have we been using the fires to cook, we've used the opportunity to make some pit-fired pottery.

The colors come out very unpredictably. This set was coated with a honey-colored glaze, but instead came out with red, green, and blue shades.

It's hard to get the fires as hot as we need, since there's not a lot of good wood to burn. Some of the pieces have the characteristic shine from melted silica in the glaze, but most of it is just matte.

While the glaze is considered food-safe, I'm not sure we're going to use these to eat out of. Bits of ash are embedded in the surface, and they didn't heat up as much as they should have. Either way, we're going to continue using our fire pit to make pottery.


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