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A hidden bounty

Every other week or so, we scrape out all of the dirty, pooped-on hay in the chicken coop, and replace it was some fresh, clean, unstinky stuff. It gets pretty fluffy until the hens pack it down by walking/pooping on it.

A couple days ago, I cleaned out the coop and threw in some hay. Then something weird happened.

Prius, who'd been laying eggs almost every day for a month now, didn't lay one. And then the next day, she didn't lay one. And the next day, there wasn't one. And then, this morning, there also wasn't one. I decided to climb into the coup to investigate.

Lo and behold! After shuffling some of the hay around, I found her hidden nest. Inside were four blue eggs, nestled in the clean bedding. For a second there, I thought we may have a problem! She was too young to be molting, so I couldn't figure out why the flow of eggs stopped. Now we know to be a bit more thorough searching for eggs in the bedding.


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