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Our daily chores

The beginning of this school year, Taylor and I put a lot of work into getting this garden up and running. We built a rabbit pen, a chicken coop and run (with lots of help from Mr. Dennis), five raised beds, and dug four other beds. Even though most of our big projects are done, we still have plenty of daily chores.

We get up in the morning and head out to the garden first thing. We check on the chickens, which are normally already out. Mr. Dennis is normally up before dawn, so he lets them out for us every morning. We make sure they have plenty of food and water, and throw in a handful of scratch.
Then we check for eggs, and make sure the coop is clean. Every other week or so we clean it all out and replace the hay.

Then we head over to the rabbits, which are normally pretty low on water. With four of them in there, they go through it pretty quickly. Since we don't have running water right near them, we've filled up a few gallon jugs to make the process a bit quicker. After making sure they have food, and maybe throwing in a couple weeds for them to munch on, we head back in until evening.

Later in the afternoon, we put the chickens back in the coop. They normally head back in around 5:00, when the sun falls below the tops of the trees. We check to see if the garden needs watering, and do that while we do a little bit of weed control.

All of our chores don't take too long, and it's nice to have a routine to follow every day (and people to help out when we leave on trips!)


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