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Seed Saver

After getting my fall Seed Saver's catalog, I've decided that I may try one or two varieties alongside some conventional seeds. The photos are amazing, and the varieties are amazing. The only problem is many of them are targeted to more temperate regions, not our subtropical Sarasota.

The Romanesco broccoli is amazing. There's an organic farm an hour south of us that grows this variety, so I think it might work out.

I love how heirloom seeds are totally different from the conventional grocery store fare. Publix doesn't carry things like orange eggplant. They taste great, look cool, and offer a much greater variety, but because they don't pack and ship well, you can't get them anywhere.

I'll think about ordering a few things, and research some of the Florida-friendly varieties. Southern Exposure offers varieties that are more heat tolerant, which I'm also considering.


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