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Nina's Christmas Present

Thursday afternoon, Christmas finally ended. For Christmas, Taylor and I had wanted to let Seleighna go horse-back riding, but at three years old, she was too young to take a lesson anywhere. Luckily, I had a friend from school who owned a horse just a little ways from our place, and she was willing to let Nina come out, go for a ride, and tour the barn with the other horses.

As excited as she was to go meet Jack, we were a little worried that she'd be too nervous to get on and go for a ride when she realized just how big a horse really is. Instead, she surprised us by hopping right on before she even pet him.

Jack was a perfect candidate for the job. He was super friendly, loved getting kisses, and enjoyed all the attention he got from this little girl. Nina was absolutely in love.

Marilyn was absolutely wonderful too. She did a great job talking to Nina, and making her feel very comfortable up on the horse.

Nina absolutely loved getting to ride around on Jack, and it was a wonderful afternoon for all of us.


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