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Preparations for our new site

After spending the past six months with mixed results in our garden, we've pretty much nailed down our failures to a few factors: too little sunlight, vegetable varieties incompatible with the Florida climate, and less-than-ideal soil quality. We've kind of tackled the plant-variety problem, and now we're on to the other two problems.

We've selected a new site that gets some more sunlight (it's hard to tell from the photos right now because of the way the winter sun moves through the sky, but during the summer the light here is much much better). There were a few bushes and shrubs in the way, but we got permission to pull them out.

The sunlight is definitely much better in our new area, and there are far fewer roots than we have out back, even with those bushes we pulled up. We can actually double-dig this area, which we couldn't do out back. We're going to still maintain our other garden, but use it more for low-light non-fruiting crops like lettuces and some root vegetables. It's going to be a lot of work, but we're very excited.


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