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A potato tragedy

The bitter cold has finally found its way down to sunny Sarasota. Everything has done well so far (except our pathetic little eggplant that we haven't had the heart to pull up), but last night's chilly temperatures found our potatoes down and out.

They'd been in the ground a little while, so we decided to dig them up and see what we had. There was no way they were going to recover from the cold anyways.

To our surprise, we actually found a little potato under one of the plants we dug up. We decided to go ahead and pull up the rest, and what we found was pretty awesome.

There were four or five handfuls of dark, dirty potatoes hiding under the plants. We took them in, cleaned them off, and we'll cook them up with some rosemary and butter for dinner.


Chiot's Run said...

MMM, they're still tasty even though they're small! They look fantastic.

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