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Takin' the bus

Last semester, a group of city-planners came to talk with my Environmental Issues class to discuss future transportation plans in Sarasota. They wanted student feedback, knowing that many of us represented some more environmentally-concious citizens that would have suggestions beyond new traffic lights and expanding roads. Unanimous among our class, we advocated safer roads for bicyclists, as well as more improved public transportation. Starting in January, SCAT agreed to give all students of local schools unlimited access to the bus system for a one-time payment (I think it came out to $1000, which was taken out of our student fee account). So far, the local busses have seen over 500 visits from New College students, with that number rising each day. To get on, we just scan our student ID and take a seat.

I've started taking the bus to school each day. There's a bus stop five minutes from my house that gets a straight trip right to campus once an hour. I do have to arrange my schedule a little bit differently, and every once in a while I have to wait on campus nearly an hour for the next bus, but it's a wonderful time to catch up on my reading. I'm so glad that New College has taken this initiative, and hope it continues into next year!


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