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Communal Rabbits

If one follows what most experts have to say on raising rabbits you know that the majority recommend keeping them separate as they are not social animals. Most people keep their rabbits in a 3'x2'x2' structure and only bring them together for breeding purposes (and always the female to the male). However, before we purchased our three breeding rabbits we discovered another school of thought. This approach basically states that with enough space and individual areas for the females to have of their own (i.e. their own hutches) these "unsocial" animals can thrive in a larger group setting.

WIth this in mind we built our 9'x8' rabbit pen (a full 72sq. ft) for Toby, Miura and Girl. Together these three have become very accustomed to one another and seem to be getting along famously. Having said that we are still anxiously waiting for two knocked up bunnies - but that's for another blog...

Toby, Miura, and Girl getting along just fine...


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