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Getting ready for the newcomers

So the coop is ready for its new inhabitants, but we're still working out a couple of details to make sure the chickens are happy and healthy. We started out by getting some feed (developer and some scratch). We're hoping to start out with older chickens, so we don't have to worry about incubating and feeding young chicks.

Nobody here has ever raised chickens before, so we're a bit unsure about all of the specifics. Most of the books we've read are pretty unclear or really technical about a lot of things, but we're learning slowly. Things are going to get a bit more complicated when we have a bunch of birds of (probably) different ages running around, but we'll sort things out in the end I'm sure. Thankfully we're able to start out with all of this on a small scale, so later on we can know a little bit about everything when we decide to expand.


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