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Shelby the Snake vs. Wilbur/Templeton the Mouse

After two weeks with Shelby, our corn snake, we have grown to love and hate this amazing little animal. She (assuming she is in fact a she) was rather feisty at first but seemed to calm and relax after a few days. We fed her a small hopper feeder mouse named Alvin after a week with us and then held her a number of days later when she decided to bite both herself and Taylor (hardly painful but rather annoying).

Following this minor event we decided to feed her once more and then return her to the outdoors from whence she came. Below is a video of her final meal with us, again a small feeder mouse named Wilbur and/or Templeton depending on who you ask...

This is a graphic video depicting the demise of a young feeder mouse.

Shelby and Wilbur/Templeton


JKJ said...

Now that's just mean. And you're going to kill baby Easter bunnies and eat them?

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