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Un-Knocked Up

We have yet to see any signs of pregnant rabbits. There are no marbles in either Miura or Girl (an early sign of pregancy in the 31 day gestation period of rabbits). So... what does this mean? At the moment, not much. Although Girl and Miura are both of breeding age (approximately seven months old) Toby is a little on the younger side (six months old). Most male rabbits come to breeding age between six and eight months so Toby still has some time...

Toby and a soon-to-be-pregnant Miura?

However, the good news is we are starting to see the young Toby going after the two females - every once in a while. It's brief and it's not perfect but with a little more time we are confident Toby can get the job done. With any luck it won't be too long before we start seeing our first kits.


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