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Quite a flock

Today we added another six chickens to our tally.

This is Seleighna and Princess. We decided a chicken would be a perfect birthday present, so we let her have her pick of the new bunch. She chose this beautiful Rhode Island Red.

Taylor and I have taken a particular liking to Royce, our Buff Orpington.

She's absolutely gorgeous, but a touch smaller than the other chickens.

Our two Black Stars, Esprit and Evora, aren't too happy to have new housemates. They're fighting with all of the girls, but I'm sure they'll establish a pecking order soon. Our run is rather full, and we'll have to see how eight chickens work out. If it's too noisy (we're trying desperately to keep the neighbors from noticing our flock), we'll have to get rid of a few.

Seleighna was a bit scared of the chickens at first, but now she runs around and grabs them without a problem.

More pics of the girls to come.


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