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The Pecking Order

Our chickens seem to be quarreling much less than when we first put all eight of them together.

The first two chickens we acquired, Evora and Esprit, were less than thrilled to have six new hens squawking about and eating their food. They constantly pecked at the newcomers, but have since relaxed and excepted their new housemates. They're still in charge, along with the two barred rock hens who also boss the others about freely, but they don't constantly fight anymore.

Taylor and I, however, have developed a sympathy for the two ameraucana chickens, Prius and Spyker, the underdogs of the bunch.

Spyker is the grey one, and Prius is the reddish one in the back.

They don't come out of the coop much (except the one time when Spyker jumped the fence and made a run for it. Luckily Taylor caught her just a few moments later, and we've since re-clipped her wings), and Prius seems to be rather hen-pecked.

As they get more comfortable, the pair make appearances in the run every once in a while, and seem to be eating more. We're hoping, with time, that they'll eventually be just as comfortable as the others.


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