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Bunny pen

So, we got our new rabbits, and they're doing great. We kept them for a day in some tupperware storage bins, which were way to tiny for the guys, and got a quick start on their pen. This 75 square foot pen made for some very happy bunnies (especially Toby, who couldn't believe his luck with the ladies).

We've made some modifications since these pictures were taken. We've reinforced the sides, top, and put smaller poultry mesh around the perimeter. Once we have baby rabbits, we don't want them to slip out of the pen. The whole contraption seems pretty darn animal-proof

We throw a tarp over one half of the pen to help shelter them from the rain as well, and we're working on building little hutches for them to crawl into. The ladies will especially need this once they begin nesting, which we hope will occur in the next couple of weeks. We plan on having our first litters in about a month.

For those of you that have never seen rabbits raised like this (in a community, rather than individual hutches), it's kind of an experiment based on other's experiences that we've read about. Generally, rabbits don't do well in groups--- women fight, bucks fight, etc. However, in a larger space, and with individual "homes" such as the hutches we plan on implementing, things can work out well, and the rabbits can be much happier than in individual wire cages. So far we're seeing plenty of luck. They girl bunnies love hanging out with each other, and besides occasionally pestering the girls for some tail, Toby is doing just fine in with the ladies. Our only concern at the moment is mosquitoes, and we're trying to find a solution for that.


Chiot's Run said...

How cool. I can't wait to see how your experiment goes!

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