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An unexpected harvest

This past summer, Taylor and I had a garden at my home in Oviedo. We lived more than two hours away, so it was a bit of a challenge. We set up an automatic timer to water the garden, and would come home every other weekend or so to do some damage-control. Things worked well for a little while, but eventually the weeds just took over. In Florida, weeds can grow a few feet tall in a week or so, if you're not careful. We eventually gave up on the long-distance gardening experiment. We let the weeds take over (there was no point in setting down a cover crop. We were simply admitting defeat).

Yesterday afternoon I wandered out there to see what things were like. Of course I found three-foot-tall weeds, but I also found a hidden pepper plant or two, still doing great. I had to pull apart a net of weeds to even see the poor little guys, but there were a bunch of peppers hiding down there.

I found two teeny bell peppers, and a dozen jalapenos and banana peppers.

I wound up putting the bell peppers in a soup, and unloading most of the other ones on a neighbor across the street. He's a capsaisin fanatic, and it's always good to be responsible for his fix.


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