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New Additions - Tobey, Miura and Girl

In addition to our new garden Tine and I have quickly begun diversifying - today in the form of rabbits and rabbit breeding. We recently purchased three new rabbits - two females (Miura and Girl, two six month old New Zealand sisters) and Tobey (a six month old New Zealand with 1/16th Flemish Giant, unrelated to the girls). We plan on building a pen outdoors for these three new rabbits in the hopes of breeding them very soon. With any luck (and if Tobey gets his way) we will have some new kits in about a month. Four months or so from then we should have rabbits large enough for meat and furs!

Here we have Girl (named by our young friend and neighbor Seleighna) in front of the very pretty Miura.

A closer shot of Miura...

And last but not least the very, very large male - Tobey.


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