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One of many gardening projects.

I absolutely love avocado. It's so creamy and mushy. It's great on salads, guacamole, with salmon, in place of mayo on a sandwich. It's completely versatile. After purchasing one of these lovely fruits for dinner last night, I decided to try to grow a tree from the pit. After bouncing around on the internet for a while, and using a variety of sources, I settled on this method:

1.) Take an avocado pit, wash it gently to remove all pulp.
2.) With the round part of the pit facing the bottom, place four toothpicks evenly spaced around the widest part of the pit. Insert the toothpicks about 1/4".
3.) Suspend the pit in a glass of full water, so that the pointed half of the pit is above the water line.

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The toothpicks will keep the pit from sinking into the water.

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The water level should be just even with the toothpicks, and make sure the pointed part of the pit is poking up. I absolutely love the crackled texture on the bottom part of the pit.

Supposedly the pit should start to crack in anywhere between three and six weeks, and roots and shoots should emerge. Then I just need to transplant it to potting soil.


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