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Village of the Rabbits

Today we finished building the hutches for Toby, Girl and Miura! They now have two 3' x 2' x 2' homes to (hopefully) raise their forthcoming rabbit families. Now that the hutches are complete our next step will be to build the much smaller nesting boxes.

Tine posing behind the first of two new hutches.

Taylor adding one of the hinges to a hutch (for easy viewing of the rabbits and kits).

In addition to the hutches we also added a 44" tall support post to the center of the rabbit pen. This post was placed primarily for our benefit as it adds about a foot of head room to the center of the pen. However, it also seems to have added just a touch more support to our already incredibly secure pen.
Tine sitting between the new support post and a hutch.

Rabbit Village officially up and running.


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