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So busy around here

Our to-do list is just piling up around here. Tomorrow we have to:

Plant timothy hay
Pick up a load of topsoil
Visit my roommate's house for some cow manure
Go to Home Depot to get some peat moss/other soil amendments
Plant seedlings/more seeds
Work on trimming some branches

We've decided that in order to have our crops do really well, they're going to need a little bit more sunlight than our little nook can offer. After checking it over, we were told we could definitely trim up a few of the branches. Today we knocked out some low-hanging ones on one side, and tomorrow we're hoping to get a few more.

At around noon most of the area is in full sun, but when the sun is directly overhead, most of the area is in partial shade. Not good for sun-lovers like tomatoes, corn, and beans.

We figure we'll trim a bit, piece-by-piece so that we don't take out more than we need to. Our goal here is sustainability, and not harming anything.


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