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Radish seeds

Earlier this week I mentioned that I was expecting a few things in the mail, and I'd post about them when I got them. One of the three packages I was expecting came today.

We now have over 700 Cherry Belle radish seeds.

This is my first experience buying seeds from somewhere other than or Home Depot. They were pretty cheap ($1.49 and free shipping), and I got them on Ebay, so I'm definitely unsure about how this will turn out. I can't really plant them yet, because I think these radishes will be better of sown directly into the garden in Sarasota, but I did plant six to see what kind of a germination rate I'm working with.

The great thing about radishes is that they're so quick to mature. This particular variety should be ready to pick 21 days past planting. I don't know any other kind of vegetable that moves from seed packet to table that quickly.

Our hopes for these radishes? Maybe making some "potato" chips by slicing them thinly and baking, or putting them in salad.


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