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Something exciting in the mail

Yesterday, something exciting came to us via USPS---- our Wintersown SASE seeds! You can see this post to read more about what that is.

Pretty exciting! I couldn't wait to open it.

Inside was a bounty of heirloom seeds. All we asked for, and more.

Apricot Brandywine
Black Cherry
Purple Tomatillo
Green Zebra
Italian Salad Blend
Ornamental Mixed Gourds
Luther Burbank's Wonderberries

I'm really excited about the Wonderberries, which are also known as Sunberries or Garden Huckleberries.

Supposedly they're not very sweet, but have a very-berry flavor that's wonderful for jams, preserves, and pies. The growing requirements are somewhat like tomatoes, but less picky.

We won't be starting these seeds for a few months, but we're excited to have them.


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