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A great fertilizer

Our pet bunny, Atom, is more than just a cute face.
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Isn't she adorable?

She is a poop machine. If you feed her a carrot, you can actually watch it go straight through her. She takes a bite, and out comes a perfectly round pellet of poo. I might be exaggerating, but she must drop a turd every five minutes. Lucky for us, this rabbit poo makes a great fertilizer.

I normally wind up making a "tea" from her teeny turds. I just throw them in an old Gatorade bottle, add some warm water, and let it sit for a day or two (it helps to shake it every once in a while).

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Be forewarned--- things can get a little smelly. The good thing is, you can store the dry pellets in a ziploc bag until you're ready to mix it, and that doesn't smell at all.

Rabbit poop is very high in nitrogen (it has more than chicken manure). Also, it contains plenty of phosphorous, which is great for fruit formation. Try putting some of this in your corn bed before you plant, and it should work out great. Just be warned--- too much of this can easily burn young plants.


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